Your Options for Sensitive Document Disposal

By - 2017-03-27

Every business has documents that they will eventually need to dispose of, but some papers are easier to eliminate than others. Documentation containing details like credit cards, social security numbers, addresses, banking or medical information, and so on, can all compromise the privacy of customers and clients if not properly handled. Simply tossing out these pages is unacceptable since privacy standards dictate that such items are only thrown away once they have been rendered fully unsalvageable and unreadable. Several options for this task exist and the one that works best for you will likely depend on the size and frequency of your document disposals.


Fire is the eternal cleanser and can be used to thoroughly eliminate sensitive documents and leave only ash behind. Since most people don't have immediate access to an incinerator or a professional burn cage, disposal-by-fire will likely require a few extra steps. Make a fire pit outdoors with proper ventilation and us...

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