What Are The Benefits of Buying From Car Dealerships?

By Eric Harvey - 2016-08-25

If you’re looking to buy a car, you’ve likely realized by now that you have pretty much two options when it comes to where you can buy a car. You’ve got private sellers and you have dealers. If there’s a car auction in your area, that might be a third option. Here are the benefits of buying from a dealer.

Extra Options

With a dealer, you have some extra options for your vehicle. Of course, you have dealer-installed accessories like upgraded sound systems, mud flaps, and aftermarket wheels, but you also get features like extended warranties, free oil changes or tire rotations, winter tire storage, and more. You won’t get that with a private sale!


One of the biggest benefits of buying from a car dealership is the financing options. When you buy from a private seller you have to arrange your own financing and that doesn’t always work out so well. The people who work in financing at the dealerships know how to work with the banks to get you the best financing possible, at the best possible interest rate.


Dealers care about their reputations, which means they want to offer customers the best service possible. If you have a problem with a car after you buy from a dealership, they will most likely want to fix it and make you happy, as opposed to a private seller who just wants to get rid of the car and take your money. MINI Windsor is an example of a car dealership with a stellar reputation over the years.

Trade-in Options

Dealerships have access to trade-in options that can make your used or new car purchase more affordable. They will also make sure you get the 13 percent trade-in tax savings.

Inspections and Certified Pre-Owned Programs

If you buy a pre-owned vehicle from a dealership, you will receive certain protections that aren’t available when you buy from a private seller. Most dealerships offer CPO programs that include a reconditioning process, multi-point inspections, extended warranties, and low-mileage vehicles. Some even offer an exchange privilege.


New car dealerships have a huge range of products and services in one location including new and used vehicles, leasing, financing, service, parts and accessories, tires, and collision repairs. You can get everything done at one place, and when you buy your car at a dealership and have all your maintenance work done there, you develop a relationship with the employees. Many people continue their relationship with the dealership for the rest of their car-owning life, going on to buy all their subsequent cars from the same dealer.

Knowledgeable Staff

The staff at dealerships are highly trained in their professions, from the service technicians who diagnose and repair your vehicle to licensed sales staff who know the latest in the features available for different models. If you need help deciding what kind of car would best suit your needs, the staff at your local dealership can certainly give yo assistance with gathering the information needed to make an informed decision. To learn more about cars, you can also find more an in-depth guide available at Complex CA.

Service Pricing

The pricing for most repairs, maintenance, brand-name accessories, and collision repairs are competitive with independent garages, and you know that the technicians at your dealership are trained specifically on your vehicle. Sometimes you can even get a better price on repairs at a dealership compared to an independent garage.

No Paperwork Hassles

The dealer helps you fill out all the paperwork and they even do all the bureaucratic stuff at the Ministry of Transportation office to get the car put in your name, buy the sticker, and everything else that’s needed, so you don’t have to wait in line.


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