Service Scheduling Software: How to Become More Productive

By Stuart Jackson - 2017-02-14

If you are constantly looking for new ways to improve your field service business, you might have already heard about the benefits of using a service scheduling software. Such a software can help you manage the work schedule of your technicians, but it can do much more to improve your overall performance.

Here are just a few of the ways your business can become more productive with the help of a service scheduling software.

1. Create and send efficient work orders

The success of your field service business depends on the skills of your technicians, but also on your ability to send the right technician at the right place and at the right time. A service scheduling software can help you with this task.

It will make it easier for you to take service calls, to figure out which technician would be in the best position to perform a job, and to quickly send out work orders that make sense.

2. Choose the best itinerary for your technicians

Service scheduling uses tools that will help you plan out the best itinerary for each of your technicians. You will be able to fulfill the requests of your customers more quickly and efficiently, as they will be organized to reduce the travel time and the fuel expenses of each technician.

Some service scheduling softwares will even use GPS technology to give driving directions to your technicians. This is a simple but effective way to improve your productivity.

3. Have access to important information about each customer

It’s important for your technicians to know where they are going, and where they should go next, but they also need some information to be able to know how they can meet the needs of the customers they are meeting.

A service scheduling software will give them easy access to the contact information of each customer, and to the history of the work previously performed for them. They will also know exactly which parts, tools and equipment they need to bring with them.

4. Improve communication

You, your office staff and your technicians should all have the same goal: to serve your customers quickly and to provide them with impeccable service. A service scheduling software will make it easier for you to communicate clearly together, and to work towards achieving this goal.

Service scheduling also simplifies the processes of sending out invoices, managing orders and maintaining your inventory.

5. Consult helpful reports

A service scheduling software should let you see how your business is performing, and what you could do to improve certain parts of your operations. You will be provided with reports that will let you know how many customers you are serving each month, and how quickly your technicians are working.

Being able to keep an eye on the productivity of your technicians will allow you to let them know how they could improve, and to congratulate them on their achievements and on their efforts.

6. Exceed expectations

Service scheduling is a sure way to exceed the expectations of your customers and of your technicians. Your customers will enjoy the fact that you can work for them more quickly, by providing them with superior service each and every time. You will appreciate their loyalty to your business and the fact that they might tell other people about your services.

Your technicians will enjoy working in an efficient, well-organized environment. They will certainly feel like their hard work is appreciated, and like they are making a positive difference in the way they can contribute to the increased productivity of your business.

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