How to Recycle in Small Spaces

By Clarence Days - 2017-01-26

It’s hard to recycle when you live in a tiny home. If you save your recyclables inside until garbage day, your place will start to look like a dump. While your friends in larger houses have great recycling stations, people in smaller spaces have to get a bit creative for ideas that will fit. Here are some clutter-free ways to recycle when you live in a small home.


1. Folding Recycling Bags

If you don’t want bulky bins in your small space, you can use recycling bags. Gaiam has some industrial-strength but light-weight options that are easy to carry and they have velcro tabs to keep them attached beside each other.


2. Pull-Out Drawer

The great thing about pull-out bins for your cupboard, if you can spare the space, is that you will never trip over your recycling bins again. The typical place to put these is under the sink.


3. Bin on Wheels

You have a lot of options when it comes to bins on wheels. Some come in rattan, some are metal. Some have removable dividers. Whichever you choose, make sure they are functional for your space and look great, too.


4. Step-On Recycle Bin

Put your garbage can to the curb and try out a triple-compartment bin in one of many sizes. Go for one with independent lids and foot pedals and plastic liners to make cleanups a breeze. If you need more options on recycling bin, browse the Waste Wise Products Inc. website for the available selection.


5. Two-In-One Recycler

Rubbermaid offers a 2-in-1 option that allows you to put all your recyclables in one receptacle and trash in the other, or to sort two different types of recycling.. The bottom container tilts out and will fit an 8-gallon trash bag. It has a built-in handle to make it easy to carry.


6. Stackable Bins

This is an inexpensive and easy-to-clean option for small spaces because you go vertical. You can even DIY this option with three stackable totes with lids. Cut a large hole in the front of each one so you can put in the recyclables without taking off the lids, and stack them where you have room. Don’t forget labels!

Another stackable option is IKEA’s Retur Stackable Recycling Bins. These can be mounted with the included optional hardware to stack two or more together to get even more space.


7. Hanging Bags

Another option, especially good for cans and bottles you can return for a refund, is to mount a pegboard on a wall and position bags and even containers. When you dedicate a bag or container to collect returnable cans and bottles, they are more likely to go back before they attract pests. Use a label so everyone knows what goes in the bag.


8. Mounted Bins

If you’re a little handy and have some wall space, you can make cleats from wood to hang your bins on the wall. This frees up floor space and is a fairly easy DIY project.


9. Matching Foot Pedal Bins

This is another simple DIY project: find three or more plastic trash or recycling receptacle at and paint them to match and then stencil on a label so everyone knows what goes in each one. Choose ones with a foot pedal so you don’t have to touch the lid, which will help keep them clean. You will get bonus points if the ones you choose have a removable liner to make them simple to wash out when they get dirty.

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