How to Make Your Car Last Forever (Or At Least 400,000 km)

By Rudy Build - 2016-08-10

The primary objective for any new car owner is to make the vehicle last forever. Or, if not forever, then at least for 400,000 kilometres and beyond! Is it possible to achieve? Yes.

Buying a brand new car – whether it's a sports car, sedan or minivan – is your second-biggest investment decision you'll ever make in your lifetime (the first one being a house, of course). So you'll want to salvage every single penny from this $30,000 investment. One way to do this is to make sure it lasts as long as humanly possible, which is potentially 25 or 30 years.

Some cynically think it can't be done, while others optimistically believe you can succeed.

Remember, it takes more than just putting in top-notch gas, changing the oil every few months and getting a professional car wash once old man weather has left us for several months. In fact, it may be quite time-consuming and costly to ensure your vehicle can last for a generation.

Here are seven tips to make your brand new car last forever (or 400,000 KM):

Go For a Regular Checkup

Akin to your own health, your vehicle should go in for a regular checkup to ensure it stays healthy. By avoiding the service manual's schedule, you risk putting your car in jeopardy. Once you bring your car in for a checkup, the professional mechanics can diagnose problems before they go out of hand (similar to your own health). If you want your car to have a long lifespan, checkups are pretty much essential as long as you select the right mechanic.

Make it Breathe at Ease

You don't have to be a grease monkey to know that you need to change the car's oil and its oil filter on a regular basis in order for it to remain healthy. However, many may not realize that they also need to change other fluids and filters on a regular basis. One area that is often neglected is the air filter. Since it can hry clogged very easily, your air filter needs to be changed to help your car breathe easier and make the engine last longer.

Don't Lose Your Car's Cool

The vehicle's coolness should never be lost. It's imperative to ensure that your car keeps its cool by maintaining its cooling system and keeping it at the proper coolant level. As you keep doing this, you can make sure the engine is well lubed, which will then help save you a lot of money in repairs. Without a well-maintained cooling system, it can result in your engine breaking down.

Rustproof Your Car

In order to ensure the exterior lasts a long time, you should rustproof your car immediately. You don't want corrosion to eat away at your precious metal. Not only should you apply chemical treatments, you should also have the body of your vehicle checked every single year by a mechanic to ensure the metal is perfectly fine.

Always Use Good Replacement Parts

Don't skimp out on the replacement parts. If you want your car to last forever then you should use the company's parts. For instance, if you drive a Toyota Corolla then when you need to replace a part you should use parts from Toyota itself. It may cost plenty, but at least you have guarantees and warranties and assurances that it'll last longer than from another company. In some instances, it might be worthwhile for you to replace the entire vehicle altogether. 

Drive Smart From Point A to Point B

Driving smart is just as important as maintaining your car and replacing parts. Although it can be difficult to do sometimes, especially if you live in the city, driving smart from point A to point B can help you extend the life of the car. So, just how do you drive smarter? Here are a few tips:

  • Don't drive too hard and keep it easy on the brakes.
  • Refrain flooding the pedal as soon as the car turns on.
  • Pay attention to the road and look ahead to plan your driving.
  • Lower your speed in bad weather conditions or in hazardous conditions.
  • Maintain a consistent schedule for your tires; change them regularly.

Pay Attention to Your Baby

Lastly, you should always pay attention to your baby, er, vehicle. As you drive, you should pay attention to any odd sounds it makes, if it drives any differently or if something is coming apart. By paying strict attention to its performance, you can remedy a problem before it expands. Also, perform a quick vehicle inspection – inside and outside - in the morning and in the late afternoon/evening. It is important to keep your child safe during the ride!

In today's era of constant belt tightening and rising cost of living, the ultimate goal should be to keep a car forever. Unfortunately, it's a difficult aim to accomplish because it relies on the persistence of the motorist and perhaps the luck of the manufacturer, but it can be done. By employing the aforementioned tips and tricks for your car, you can ensure that you could even pass your car down to your children (if they even want in a society of self-driving cars!).

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