How to Make Your Car Last Forever (Or At Least 400,000 km)

By Rudy Build - 2016-08-10

The primary objective for any new car owner is to make the vehicle last forever. Or, if not forever, then at least for 400,000 kilometres and beyond! Is it possible to achieve? Yes.

Buying a brand new car – whether it's a sports car, sedan or minivan – is your second-biggest investment decision you'll ever make in your lifetime (the first one being a house, of course). So you'll want to salvage every single penny from this $30,000 investment. One way to do this is to make sure it lasts as long as humanly possible, which is potentially 25 or 30 years.

Some cynically think it can't be done, while others optimistically believe you can succeed.

Remember, it takes more than just putting in top-notch gas, changing the oil every few months and getting a professional car wash once old man weather has left us for several months. In fact, it may...

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