How to Eat Healthy When Visiting a Deli

By Rhonda Leigh - 2016-08-10

Visiting a deli is one of the most scrumptious times you will ever have. Everything from corned beef on marble rye to hot pastrami on multi-grain bread, your tastebuds will be invigorated as soon as you sit down in a delicatessen. There are just so many options, tastes and smells!

But what happens if you're on a strict diet? Does this mean you can't eat liverwurst and salami?

Well, it's true that dedicated delis can offer dieters (and vegetarians) quite the challenges. However, if the deli maintains a flexible menu and an array of choices then you can invoke your calorie-smart appetite and take advantage of the newfound knowledge you've consumed.

In other words, you just have to eat smart when you're visiting a good old fashioned deli. Just because you're on a diet it doesn't mean that you have to suffer during your time at a deli. If you live near Dundas, Ontario, you may be interested in visiting Greensville Gourmet at 161 Highway #8, Dundas, ON, L9H 5E1 which also offers healthy options. You can call (905) 627-7775 or visit their websit efor more information.

Here are five ways to eat healthy as you patronize your local deli:

Take Advantage of Your Friend's Hunger

So, you have brought a friend to accompany you to the delicatessen, eh? If you're on a diet then this is a very wise idea. Therefore, rather than ordering a big meal for you and a big meal for them, why not just give half of your sandwich to your lunch/dinner companion? This makes it a lot easier for you to enjoy a not-so-healthy sandwich.

Split a Meal for Another Time

If you are by yourself on this occasion then be sure to order whatever you like. But there is a caveat: you will need to split the meal to enjoy it another time. For instance, if you decided to order a turkey sandwich on a buttered roll then enjoy half of it now and then the other half for dinner. Not only does this help you stave off unnecessary calories, it also saves you money!

Don't Forget the Soup (Without Cream)

One thing that patrons on a diet are concerned about is not being full once they have finished half of their sandwich. Well, that is easy to circumvent. What you can do is order your sandwich in addition to a bowl of soup without the cream, an unbuttered roll and plenty of water (see below). These items will certainly fill you up even before your sandwich arrives to your table.

Avoid Certain Meats & Beverages

Now, should you be on the strictest of strict diets then you will likely need to refrain from eating certain kinds of meat. It may break the heart of a cook at a deli, but here are some meats that you should refrain from imbibing on your visit:

  • Bologna
  • Corned beef
  • Liverwurst
  • Pastrami
  • Salami

One more thing: do try your hardest to avoid drinking high-calorie beverages. Although it may complement the sandwich very well, you should not be consuming sodas, juices or alcohol.

This may be disappointing, but at least you can eat turkey, chicken or tuna!

Embrace Certain Meats & Other Items

It may be disappointing that you can't eat things like salami and Reuben sandwiches. However, if you want to look on the bright side then you can imagine yourself taking a bite out of a turkey sandwich, a lean chicken slice on a bagel or tuna fish on a buttered roll.

In addition, you can definitely take advantage of other items to complement your meal. You can eat whole-grain bread, extra veggies for your sandwiches, mustard and sauerkraut.

The San Francisco Gate opined about being healthy and eating at a deli. Here is what it wrote:

"The local deli is an easy, one-stop shop for lunches. Most delis have ingredients for light lunches, allowing you to control your waistline while enjoying your meal. Don’t walk away from the deli feeling bad about your choices -- come armed with ideas for light lunches and knowledge of what to avoid."

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to sit inside of a delicatessen, drinking in the atmosphere and munching on some delicious food. Maintaining a strict diet while visiting a deli may not be the most exciting, but you still can enjoy the meals by being strategic with your calorie intake.

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