How to Eat Healthy When Visiting a Deli

By Rhonda Leigh - 2016-08-10

Visiting a deli is one of the most scrumptious times you will ever have. Everything from corned beef on marble rye to hot pastrami on multi-grain bread, your tastebuds will be invigorated as soon as you sit down in a delicatessen. There are just so many options, tastes and smells!

But what happens if you're on a strict diet? Does this mean you can't eat liverwurst and salami?

Well, it's true that dedicated delis can offer dieters (and vegetarians) quite the challenges. However, if the deli maintains a flexible menu and an array of choices then you can invoke your calorie-smart appetite and take advantage of the newfound knowledge you've consumed.

In other words, you just have to eat smart when you're visiting a good old fashioned deli. Just because you're on a diet it doesn't mean that you have to suffer during your time at a deli. If...

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