How to Choose the Right Office Photocopier: 5 Essential Features

By Jackson James - 2017-03-05

It’s a necessity that every office and business needs. Whether it’s a home office, small business, or large corporation, companies cannot operate efficiently without a photocopying machine. Photocopiers come in different sizes and can perform many useful functions. Before you rush out to buy a new copier, it’s important to decide what you need the machine to do. Putting a list of needed features and functions together first will save you time, money and stress that happens when the wrong copying device is purchased.  Here are some features to consider:


Copiers come in a variety of sizes. Some can sit on a desk while others are large floor models. Knowing where the copier will go and the amount of space available for the new machine will help you choose a copying product that fits perfectly in your office space.


Photocopy machines range in price from less than $100.00 to several thousand dollars. Before buying your next office machine, it’s important to review your budget so you know how much money you can spend on a machine. Comparing prices with different companies and looking for sales or promotions can also help save money on a quality photocopy machine.

Photocopying Features

Photocopying devices have a lot of different features that can be very beneficial for businesses. Some machines just print single sided pages in black ink while others have a variety of features including: back-to-back copying, photographic copying, book printing, and colour copying options. Other machines also allow you to print documents. Printing differs from photocopying. Photocopying duplicates an image that is placed on top of the glass’ while printing copies a file that can come from a web page, USB stick or saved folder. Before buying a machine, it’s important to decide what type of photocopying and printing features you need for your office work. Visit BusinessBee to learn more about photocopying features.

Scanning, Faxing, Emailing

Many photocopy machines have several built-in features for complete office convenience. Some copiers can scan images and documents, while others also act as a fax machine. Other brands come with built-in copying devices that can send information to other users through their email address.  Newer, more advanced copiers use computerized copy cards to print. This feature is great for offices that have multiple staff using the same machine. Knowing what functions you will need a copying device to perform in your office will be very beneficial in selecting the right machine.

Other features

Copy machines can be very basic, or they can be programmed with multiple applications including page lightening, blank page removal, stapling options, hole punch selections, collating or uncollating sheets, resizing, paper and envelope size options, and much more. Some machines are very sophisticated while others are very simple in design and purpose. With all the features and options available, it’s important to choose what you need to do your job. The more features, the more expensive your machine will be. Hub Technology Inc. has more information about the essential of office photocopiers that you should look for.

Photocopying machines are a necessary part of home or commercial businesses. Almost every business requires a copier to reproduce documents or print forms. Regardless what type or size of company you work in, places cannot function today without a photocopier. There are several types available that range in price. Some are very simple while other photocopiers are high tech office machines. Before purchasing your next photocopier, it’s important to decide what you want your machine to do and how much you can afford to spend. By taking your time, you will purchase the right machine at the right price to suit all your office needs.

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