Commercial Real Estate: 5 Tips for Investments

By Samuel Thompson - 2016-09-06

Canada's real estate market has mostly attracted attention due to the skyrocketing values of residential properties. Whenever you read the newspapers or watch television news segments, all of the attention is concentrated on how detached homes in Toronto or Vancouver are worth around $800,000. It's quite rare to come across reports dissecting the commercial real estate market. But the commercial real estate market is soaring just as much as homes and condos.

Today, the commercial real estate industry continues to shatter decades-old records. And most experts contend that there are still plenty of gains to be made in this sector of the economy.

Does this mean that it is too late to begin investing in commercial real estate? Not by a long shot. In Toronto, there is a limited supply of commercial properties, and the demand is sky high. This mean...

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