Car Review: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vs. Ford Transit

By Sophia Bill - 2016-07-25


When it comes down to commercial vehicles, work vans in particular, there are two that stand out: the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Ford Transit. They both have outstanding features, but which one deserves the number-one spot?

Up Front

Cab comfort is becoming more of a focus for van buyers, and both score well. Ford went with a more stylish, funky approach whereas Mercedes-Benz went for functional and smart-looking. The Transit has a more “car-like” look, with a low seating position and unusual entertainment and info centre system. The Sprinter, on the other hand, has more storage space and an elevated seating position. This gives the driver a better view from all positions.

Both have about the same leg room for both driver a...

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