A Guide to Fireplaces: 6 Tips

By Eric Harvey - 2017-06-08

Fireplaces can instantly become the centerpiece of any room, while adding warmth and style to a home. A beautiful and reliable fireplace can even help you save money on your heating bills, while increasing the value of your home.

There are many types and styles of fireplaces to choose from, and you should start by finding an experienced fireplace contractor who can help you meet your needs.

1. Find the right fireplace contractor

Search for a fireplace contractor who has years of experience, and has already installed and serviced many fireplaces. You could browse through their website to see pictures of their past projects so you can have a better idea of what they can do for you.

Find a skilled contractor who can help you select the right fireplace for your needs, and will install it for you and do everything they can to ensure your satisfaction.

2. Define your needs

Your fireplace contractor can help you find the right fireplace, but you should start by letting them know what you are looking for. Tell your contractor how large you want your fireplace to be, which style you are looking for, and what your total budget is.

You should also decide whether you are more interested in wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces or electric fireplaces. Here are a few things to consider about these three types of fireplaces.

3. Wood-burning fireplaces add a unique ambiance

If you are looking for something authentic, a wood-burning fireplace will let you enjoy the warm glow and the crackle of the dancing flames. Wood-burning fireplaces will add a unique, wonderful ambiance to any room.

However, if you are interested in this type of fireplace, you will need to be committed because it demands more attention than other types of fireplaces. To keep your home warm, you will need to constantly add logs to the fire, and regular maintenance will be needed to keep your fireplace clean and efficient. You can visit HouseLogic to learn more about adding a fireplace to your home.

4. Gas fireplaces are a modern option

Many models of gas fireplaces can look just like a real log fire. With many design choices, adjustable flames, and ceramic logs that look like real ones, gas fireplaces are a modern and elegant choice.

They require less maintenance than wood-burning fireplaces, and they generally produce more heat. If you already have an old wood-burning fireplace at home but would like to upgrade to a gas fireplace, you can choose a model that can be inserted into your fireplace frame.

5. Electric fireplaces are cost-effective

Modern electric fireplaces are another elegant and stylish choice to add some warmth to your home. Electric fireplaces are very efficient, they are cheaper to use than other types of fireplaces, and they require less maintenance.

If you are interested in an electric fireplace, you should keep in mind the fact that you won’t be able to count on your fireplace for warmth during a power outage. This can be an important downside, especially if you live in an area where power outages happen frequently.

6. Choose the right model

When you have decided which type of fireplace you would like to have, you will still need to choose the right model for your heating needs. The style of your fireplace should complement the style of the room where it will be installed, so take a moment to look at the picture gallery of your contractor.

You should also discuss with them, as they can use their experience and their knowledge of fireplaces to help you choose the right model, the one that will bring you pride and warmth year after year.

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