6 Helpful Tips to Maintain Data Quality

By Stuart Jackson - 2016-07-16


Data quality is vital to any business. Unfortunately, many business owners only think about data quality and data testing when they need to upgrade their systems or to implement new ones, or when something goes wrong.

Here is how you can prevent data related problems by maintaining the data quality of your business.


1. Recognize that poor data quality can hurt your business

If you think that data quality is only an IT issue and not a business issue, you are mistaken. Even though your IT department is mostly responsible for managing your data, many areas of your business are using it daily and depend on it.

To maintain data quality, you first need to make sure everyone understands that poor data quality is a problem that concerns all departments of your business. You can learn more about how poor data quality hurts businesses at this IT Pro Portal news article.


2.Establish your goals

Data testing can seem like a huge undertaking, but keep in mind that even a small percentage of amelioration can produce a positive result. Improving the quality of your data can only benefit your business, and maintaining it will be worth the effort.

Start by establishing small goals that will be easy to measure. Is your priority to make sure the addresses of your customers have been correctly updated to avoid shipping errors? Do you simply want to make sure that every department of your business has the same customer records? Thinking about small goals will make it easier to do what needs to be done.


3.Search for data cleansing tools

Different tools have been created to cleanse, verify and validate data. Make sure the staff of your IT department can benefit from the tools they need to enhance data quality.

Using the right data quality software can help you reach many of your goals, which will certainly improve the daily operations of your business. Take a moment to search for the software that will meet your needs without breaking your budget.


4.Think about data testing services

Making sure your data is complete, accurate, comprehensive and well structured is not an easy task. When a thorough data testing solution is required, search for a reliable provider of data testing services. If you are looking for a place to start, consider contacting QA Consultants and learn more about their services.

There is no standard approach to data testing, but make sure you are getting in contact with a team of experts who know everything there is to know about data quality and can understand the importance of clean and accurate data for your business.


5. Go one step at a time

Restoring and maintaining data quality throughout your business is bound to take some time, so it’s useless to try to rush everything all at once. Remember the goals you have established, and go one step at a time.

As you go from one goal to the next, be sure to measure the results you have achieved. This will ensure your team members stays motivated and ready to face the challenges that await them.


6. Repeat regularly to maintain data quality

You will be proud of yourself when you have finally achieved all of your goals. Your data will stay clean, accurate and well structured for awhile, but you will need to keep an eye on it to make sure everything stays up to date.

Implement a data cleaning schedule, get the right tools and software, and make sure everyone is aware of the importance of maintaining data quality. You should also schedule data testing services whenever they are needed.

Poor data quality can have awful consequences for your business, but most problems are easily preventable. When you maintain data quality, you are improving your business operations in more than one way.


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