5 Winning In-Store Display Tips for the Holiday Season

By Damian Troy - 2016-10-12

Don't look at your calendar now, but the holiday season is upon us. It may have seemed just like yesterday you were sporting your beach outfit to the office. Soon, Santa Claus will be in your face every waking moment of your day.

The holiday season is a crucial time for retailers. It's the busiest time for stores, both online and offline. Retailers are competing for consumer dollars. And the most effective technique to grab those loonies, toonies, dollar bills, credit cards, Apple Pay transactions and PayPal accounts is through in-store displays.

Visual merchandising is one of the oldest tricks in the retail book. These in-store displays are what encourage shoppers to enter the store. Discount signs, well-designed mannequins, music and an overall fun atmosphere can lure in a potential customer. It's all about the displays. ...

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