5 Winning In-Store Display Tips for the Holiday Season

By Damian Troy - 2016-10-12

Don't look at your calendar now, but the holiday season is upon us. It may have seemed just like yesterday you were sporting your beach outfit to the office. Soon, Santa Claus will be in your face every waking moment of your day.

The holiday season is a crucial time for retailers. It's the busiest time for stores, both online and offline. Retailers are competing for consumer dollars. And the most effective technique to grab those loonies, toonies, dollar bills, credit cards, Apple Pay transactions and PayPal accounts is through in-store displays.

Visual merchandising is one of the oldest tricks in the retail book. These in-store displays are what encourage shoppers to enter the store. Discount signs, well-designed mannequins, music and an overall fun atmosphere can lure in a potential customer. It's all about the displays. For more information about retail ready packaging and displays, you may want to check out Atlantic Packaging for more information.

Remember, the average clerk couldn't craft a creative in-store display. You need an artistic person, someone who has the flair for business, creativity and even psychology.

Of course, if that's impossible then you can follow these suggestions moving forward.

Here are five winning in-store display tips for the holiday season:

Try to Tell a Story

When Christmas arrives, you want the typical props: snow, trees, a cup of hot chocolate and so on. This allows you to tell a basic story to your audience. But, in order to avoid the cliches, you have to do just a little bit more to tell an even better story. You want consumers' interest to be piqued. You want shoppers to be enticed by the store overall. Storytelling is the most effective tool in your arsenal.

Surprise Your Shoppers

As the holiday season entrenches itself into our consciousness, we become accustomed to the typical designs. Well, why not surprise consumers once in a while? This can be achieved in your in-store displays with completely unrelated props, items or designs. By doing this, you can stand apart from your rivals, who are utilizing the typical toques, pine trees and snowflakes.

Beginning Closest to the Door

Indeed, the entire point of in-store displays is to generate sales. And, even with the excitement of the holidays, you'll want to stick to the basics and principles of visual merchandising. You can learn more about the basics of visual merchandising at Shopify.ca.

You will want to start closest to the door. Industry professionals note that your visual displays should start closest to the front entrance, with your newest and most expensive products in the spotlight. Moreover, you should hone in on different levels of height and a liberal amount of products so customers can pick up, touch and try out items without ruining your display.

Less is More

Let's face it: we can overboard at times, and this eye candy can actually hinder your store's aims.

When you're designing your in-store displays, you should always have the old adage in the back of your mind: less is more. If you're throwing everything at the in-store display except the kitchen sink then you're going to make it visually unappealing.

Simply put: don't clutter your window; keep it clean.

Wordage, Lights & Signs

Alliteration, spotlights and artistic signs can maximize the efficacy and creativity of your in-store displays. A pun there, a special light there and a unique sign there can be the cherry on top for your visual endeavours.

We all appreciate and adore clever usages of the English language so do come up with a pun or a joke that relates to your store. Moreover, you have to ensure it doesn't go over the heads of your shoppers. Otherwise this will make them feel insulted and will walk out of your store.

For retailers, the holiday season is always on their mind. This is a special time because this two- or three-month period can send a business into the black and allow them to see plenty of green.

Well-designed in-store displays will assist you in this journey on the path to prosperity.

Remember, it isn't just visual merchandising that will create sales. It will be everything else, too.


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