5 Ways to Find A Good Jewellery Appraiser

By Ruby Sparks - 2016-07-12

There are different reasons why someone might want to get their jewellery appraised. They might want to pawn or sell their unwanted jewellery, or to purchase insurance for a fine and expensive piece of jewellery.

If you are in need of  a jewellery appraisal, follow these tips to make sure you are choosing a good jewellery appraiser.

Search for a jewellery appraiser with good references

As you search online for different jewellery appraisal services in your area, look for a jewellery appraiser with good references. If a jewellery appraiser is referenced by banks, attorneys, and other professionals who have used their services, you will know they are reliable and that they will be worth your money.

You could also ask your friends and family if they already received great service from a jewellery appraiser, and if they have one to recommend you. Make a short list of well-referenced jewellery appraisal experts, and seek out more information about each of them to help you make the right choice.

Look for a qualified jewellery appraiser

You want someone qualified, with a lot of experience, to appraise your jewellery. Look for a licensed and certified appraiser who can provide you with professional, courteous, and confidential service.

Whether the person you choose is working full-time as a jewellery appraiser or working in a jewellery store where they offer jewellery appraisal among other services, what matters the most is that they have experience in many aspects of the jewellery business.

A jewellery appraiser who works for a company offering other services might even be useful to you, if your goal is to sell or pawn your unwanted jewellery. If you are seeking a jewellery appraisal for insurance reasons, don’t forget that your insurance company will require other appraisals in the future for your insurance to remain valid.

Don’t choose an online jewellery appraisal service

Online jewellery appraisal services might be cheap, but you probably can’t trust them to give you a fair appraisal if they have only seen pictures of your jewellery pieces. Instead, choose a jewellery appraisal service with a brick and mortar location that you can visit.

If for some reason you can’t make it to such a location, choose a jewellery appraiser who can visit you at home, or that you can mail your jewellery to, and who has a great insurance coverage on their long distance transactions. Never get a jewellery appraisal from someone who has never seen and touched your jewellery.

Read testimonials

To get a better idea of the expertise and the reputation of a jewellery appraiser, take some time to read online testimonials. Testimonials might give you important information, such as how easy it is to do business with this jewellery appraiser, how much they charge, and whether or not they respect their clients’ privacy.

Beware of jewellery appraisal services who have a bad reputation, no matter what the reason is, and don’t forget that low fees can be a sign of low quality. You want to choose someone who can provide you with a fair and accurate jewellery appraisal, and who makes your satisfaction a priority.

Learn more about customer testimonials with this Groove editorial.

Contact a jewellery appraiser

Before choosing your jewellery appraiser, contact a few different ones to learn more about their services. See if they can answer your questions clearly, and if they seem happy about doing business with you.

Don’t forget to ask them how they charge for their appraisal services. Ideally, you should choose an appraiser who asks for an hourly rate or for a flat fee, instead of asking for a percentage of the value of your appraised jewellery.


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