5 Tips for Recycling Your Electronics in 2017

By Jackson James - 2016-12-15

Your New Year's resolution is to start recycling all of your computers, tablets and rotary phones. Although it is far more likely to happen than taking advantage of your gym membership for the entire year, recycling your electronics can be a lot easier said than done because we just have so much equipment in our home.

Of course, at the same time, you have to perform a lot of functions to ensure privacy.

We consume a lot of electronics. The average Western consumer purchases a brand new smartphone every 18 months, while more than 100,000 computers are tossed in the trash each day. But the most damning statistic is this: only a tepid 13 percent of our e-waste is properly recycled and disposed.

If your 2017 resolution of recycling your electronics is indeed genuine then you must be equipped with the knowledge to perform the act the best ...

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