5 Tips Before Buying A Central Air Conditioning Unit

By Rodney Duncan - 2016-07-29

As human being there are a number of ways that we relate to one another, and even more ways that we are different. One shared theme we can all agree to however is the fact that we all strive to live in comfort. This can touch base on a number of different factors that impact our lives, but the topic for this discussion is going to be the comfort that only an air conditioner can grant.

Make no mistake about it; air conditioning has become an essential for many people on a worldwide spectrum. Chasing that idea of comfort to many of includes insuring that our home doesn’t resemble feeling like we are in a sauna. Whether you already have an air conditioning unit, or are on the market for one, here are 5 tips to help your purchase be a successful one: 

1. Identify HVAC Companies in Your Area

The first thing you want to do is take a look into what companies operate in your area. Once you can put together a few different names comes the fun step: contacting all of them. The goal here should be getting general quotes along with the A/C units that they supply. If you live near Ajax, Pickering or Whitby, consider contacting Climate Experts for their air conditioning and HVAC services.

This information can help you look into the best pricing, reviews on the A/C units themselves, and help you acquire the best deal possible for yourself.

2. Pricing

Any choice in life that has to do with the purchase of something will hold price in high regard. When purchasing an A/C unit there are often two expenses that the purchaser is likely to incur: the unit cost and the installation cost. In some cases purchasing the A/C unit as wholesale can save some money and it’s worth looking into.

3. Unit Size

When taking into consideration the size of an A/C unit what you need to think about is the size of your home in addition to other factors such as:

  • Insulation in your home
  • Common weather conditions and location of home

Between those three factors a decision needs to be made on the size of an A/C unit. A unit that is too small won’t be able to control the temperature throughout the entire house, only a portion of it. A unit that is too large will end up cycling on and off which will lead to higher electric bills and lesser efficiency.

A responsible contractor will be able to take the above into consideration and get the right size for your home’s needs.

4. Maintenance

Taking the time to apply the appropriate maintenance to your A/C unit can be the difference between maintaining your warranty or voiding it out altogether. Make sure that you check the fine print and follow the instructions to insure that your purchase is secure and safe.

5. Efficiency and SEER Ratings

The government has put requirements into effect that hold companies accountable for A/C units being energy efficient. By law they are supposed to have a rating of at least 13. At a rating of 14-22 they are granted the title of being “energy efficient,” which allows the owner of the unit a kind of comfort knowing that it’s not sending the electric bill to the clouds. Angie's List has more information about what SEER ratings to look for.

While in theory the act of shopping for an A/C unit sounds as simple as producing a credit card and a swift slide in a downward motion, there is actually quite a bit to it.

Take the time to speak with some contractors and get the proper advice for what your home needs to acquire the comfort that you desire.

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