5 Things Your Attorney Will Tell You NOT To Do Before Your Divorce

By Diana Wong - 2016-11-08

Did you know that marriage is the primary cause for divorce? With that joke out of the way, let's get down to one serious matter: the stress, anxiety and headaches that come with a divorce.

In Canada, tens of thousands of couples file for divorce every single year. This is due to a wide variety of reasons that include everything from infidelity to spousal abuse. Despite the humour that often comes along with divorce, it can oftentimes be no laughing matter for families.

When it comes to divorce proceedings, you have to handle the overwhelming grief, the immense costs, the social effects and every other negative emotion and consequence that are associated with divorce. This is especially true when a child is involved. Remember, nobody ever plans to get divorced. It just happens. Life happens.

The important step to take, especially when it's complicated, is to seek out professional help. A divorce lawyer can be of tremendous assistance throughout this ordeal. They will provide legal aid, emotional support and sublime advice that can help you get through this situation; and, of course, certain things that you should never do before your divorce is finalized. You can find a divorce lawyer with the Walker Head Lawyers team for additional information.

Here are five things your attorney will tell you not to do before your divorce is completed:

Getting Pregnant During the Divorce

You met the person you really want to spend the rest of your life with, which is the reason why you're leaving this marriage. Your happiness is what counts, but there is one thing you have to be cautious about: getting pregnant just prior to or during the divorce proceedings.

Getting pregnant in a different relationship when your marriage is on the brink of falling apart is both dangerous and problematic. Ultimately, it could very well complicate and hinder the divorce. You must try your best to not get pregnant for the next little while.

 Taking it Out on the Children

Let's face it: it isn't just the mother and father to endure the emotion strain of a divorce. The children can also bear the brunt of this situation, and this can hurt them in more ways than one.

With that being said, never, ever take out your stress on the children by yelling at them.

The children need love, comfort, support and reassurance throughout and after the divorce proceedings. You must practice a high level of understanding so they can get out of this divorce unscathed. You have to put your differences aside with your spouse and support the children. For more information, Parents.com has 11 useful tips to help your children deal with the divorce.

Not Updating Your Taxes

Indeed, you're in the middle of a divorce so your tax situation is not something you're concentrating on. However, it is imperative that you update your tax situation immediately, particularly if it is in the middle of tax season.

Whether you are receiving the house or you are giving it up then you may not benefit from an array of tax credits or deductions. Ditto for a business, stocks and other investments. You have to inquire with your divorce lawyer to learn more about this.

Settling the Divorce Early

The marriage has been a tumultuous experience, a hellacious time for both you and your spouse. Now that you're on the cusp of ending this marriage, you want to get it over and done with as soon as possible. Therefore, you may decide to settle the divorce early, which is something you should never do, especially if it may impact your personal financial situation.

Any divorce attorney will urge you to take your time before just settling and moving on.

Funding Your Divorce With Debt

Divorce is expensive. Divorce can eat away at your wallet. Divorce can imbibe your savings.

Since it is expensive – divorce lawyers, court fees, paperwork charges and so on – you may want to turn to credit cards, lines of credits, payday loans and other forms of debt in order to fund the divorce. However, incurring debt is something that you should avoid doing at all costs.

It can be easy to get into debt, but it is extremely difficult to get out of debt.

We never have any inclination to file for divorce when we get married. Unfortunately, circumstances arise, people grow and change, life happens and love for the other diminishes. After numerous trips to marriage counsellors, after many fights and after sessions of introspection, you and your significant other have decided to split and file for divorce.

As you go through this, be sure that you have plenty of support from friends and family. And, if applicable, ensure that your children are properly taken care of over the next few months.

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