5 Content Management Tips for Enterprises

By Clarence Days - 2016-09-08

Businesses of all sizes – large, medium, small or startups - need to lay down the groundwork, mull over strategies and prioritize before you can dive headfirst into a content management initiative. If you don't then your aim of streamlining operations won't work out well in the end.

All businesses have their own needs, their own challenges and their own complexities so a single one-size-fits-all content management system won't exist. If you initiate your plan to adopt a content management system by going through the process blind then it won't be installed correctly. Every business needs to set up methods, strategies and tools to ensure it works.

Enterprise content management, otherwise known as ECM, ensures that your company will have an effective system on hand to fully integrate a concept to optimize your firm. Everything from communication to technology, from objectives to personnel, there are several components that you need before, during and after to make sure that your company has what it needs.

Here are five content management tips for enterprises:

Get an SEO Score Sheet Ready

In order to make your content management system work for you then you need a search engine optimization (SEO) score sheet on hand. By incorporating this into your everyday use of the CMS then you will want such a tool with you.

If you're unsure how to equip yourself with such a sheet then here are several tips to take advantage of:

  • Create a minimum requirement for SEO optimization before you go live.
  • Translate your score into a grade.
  • Have a "required" and "recommended" section for all of your team members.
  • A "required" can include a meta description, a unique headline and alt tags.
  • A "recommended" can image captions, headlines with a keyword and two keywords in the body of the content.

These are tips that can maximize the efficacy of your content management system.

Define and Insert Key Performance Metrics

What is your company trying to achieve? What are you looking to gain?

These are two important questions to answer. Once you provide a response then you will have to utilize key performance metrics. The performance indicators will vary based on what your needs are. As soon as you have the three to five important metrics then you will have to regularly maintain and report the results to improve your long-term accomplishments.

Some of the metrics may consist of:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost of Goods Sold (CoGS)
  • Referral Conversion Rate
  • Email Open Rate
  • Cart Abandonment Rate
  • Twitter Shares

And the list goes on and on. Remember, the metrics are based on what your needs are.

Make This a Staff Project

In every business, one way to ensure success is to have your entire team involved in a new idea, project or objective. This way, staff members can feel included and are not shunned to any company update or change. Employees want to be part of the bigger picture.

Moving forward, you should have your staff play a larger role in your content management targets, goals and objectives. Two, three or four heads are always better than one.

Alerts Are Your Friends

No one will ever argue the notion that alerts are not annoying. We all find alerts irksome. On the other hand, they can be integral to content management. Let's face it: we may forget something, we may have erred with the lack of a feature and we may have just had a brain fart. Alerts can be imperative to the success of content management. Don't go overboard, but add a couple of them.

Establish Short-Term Wins

Lastly, the best way to achieve anything hard is to have short-term wins. These minor wins can lead to a much larger victory for your company in the plight to content management. Like diets, exercise or debt, enterprises need the small wins to make sure the big picture works.

Enterprises, large and small, always have hurdles to overcome and headaches to cure. Content management for enterprises can certainly add to workloads and enhance those headaches. However, with the right strategy, the best team members and the greater good in mind, your content management conquest can be achieved, and your main goal can be flourish.


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