11 Online Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents

By Hannah Davies - 2016-10-01

As a real estate agent, your website or blog is the base for all of your digital marketing ideas. Your website will be essential when it comes to helping drive sales, gaining brand visibility, and acquiring prospects. Here are some favoured ideas for strategies likely to have a strong impact for your business.

Get an optimized website. You will be much more successful at reaching and attracting potential buyers, investors, and seller if your website is optimized for mobile devices. Make sure your site is optimized for all platforms and devices.

  Create and maintain an active blog. This will be a fantastic marketing tool that could gain you a lot of business from search engines. It’s a great place to work from for social media visibility and you can offer advice and tips, keep your clients updated with company news, discuss local and neighbourhood activities, and discuss important industry news. It’s also a place where your readers can ask questions and leave comments and where you will position yourself as an authority in real estate.

Launch a company newsletter. Email is still a highly effective form of communication with a higher response rate than pretty much any other format. Regular company newsletters allow you to showcase your company’s activity, stay in touch with customers and prospects, and offer valuable information for free.

Run targeted ads with Google. Adwords gives you a scalable, efficient, and fast way to target potential buyers online. Watch the below YouTube video for more information about Adwords:

Get active on LinkedIn. This is an amazing platform for professionals to use as a networking tool, with 300 million users from pretty much every field you could ever think of wanting to meet. There are group discussion boards, blogging, and search functions.

Create some guest content. This will get your name out onto large blogs, news platforms, and trade journals, and allows you the exposure you probably wouldn’t get on your own website, especially when you’re just starting out. Secondly, you can get much more traffic to your website when you include a link with your guest content. You’ll also get better ranking in the search engines.

Optimize your Twitter marketing campaign. Twitter has introduced several different new marketing tools, including the ability to show off specific content from your site, capture email addresses from ads you run on Twitter, and embed multiple images in tweets. Social media is a particularly powerful tool for real estate agents, which you can learn more at Morris Marketing Group Inc.

Launch a video marketing campaign. People like well-made videos and it’s even more accessible than it has been. When you create high-quality marketing videos of your properties, videos that show off your company, and engaging interviews, you can drive web traffic from Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. All three of these also offer targeted advertising that will also help increase your reach online. Watch the below video to learn more about video marketing campaign tips:

Create and distribute market reports. Include useful data for potential buyers and sellers. Highlight it on your blog or website as a regular feature (monthly or quarterly) and you will likely generate more interested readers.

Cover company news. If a blog is too much work, consider offering a news section on your website that will feature press releases, important company updates, and survey/research reports. This will give your clients and the search engines a sign that your company is growing and active, and will help build trust.

Use Facebook to your advantage. As the best social media platform to use for self-branding, marketing, gaining clientele, and encouraging referrals, Facebook is a must for today’s real estate agent. Create a Facebook landing tab for your Page, offer consistent FB Page activity, and network with clients using the platform. Offer great photos with detailed captions, brand your homes and recognize your target client base, and be a part of the community in general.

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