10 Must-Have Traits Of Finance Candidates

By Hannah Davies - 2016-12-24

Traditionally, job seekers focused mostly on their educational background, professional experiences, and hard skills. These days, though, you also need to have certain traits if you want to find work in the finance market. No company is the same as the next, so recruiters are increasingly turning to personality tests in order to find the perfect candidate. If you fulfill some or all of the traits needed by a certain company’s culture, you’re more likely to get through the hiring process faster and easier. Here are 10 must-have traits for employment in the finance sector.

ONE: Analytical Skills

Embrace and use your analytical skills to stand out and exceed. Learn more about how to improve your analytical skills at the Top Universities website.

TWO: Innate Problem Solving

Employers want employees who will pull his or her own weight, in good times and bad. He or she will work to find solutions. If you have strong problem-solving skills you should include examples on your CV and bring it up during the interview.

THREE: Adaptable Communication

No matter if you want to work as a financial planner or an investment banking analyst, you have to have great communication skills. You need to be able to communicate effectively with clients, coworkers, and managers, and should be able to quickly and readily adapt your communication efforts to the proper styles, platforms, and channels of anyone you deal with.

FOUR: Exceptional Leadership Ability

Even if you don’t want a managerial position, you still need to have a high level of leadership. You should have the leadership foundation; include your leadership experiences on your resume and elaborate during the interview.

FIVE: Unwavering Professionalism

A high-quality finance job candidate will exude professionalism no matter the circumstance. Even in more casual environments you will still need to remain professional, especially during an interview. To help you find a professional and high-quality job candidate, you may be interested in learning more about the services provided by The Mason Group.

SIX: Humble Confidence

A great finance candidate will have exude confidence from the firm handshake and throughout the interview process. Can you clearly and effortlessly drive home the points in a presentation? Do you invoke loyalty and trust in those you’ve just met? Show that you have confidence in yourself, but will put your team and company ahead of yourself.

SEVEN: Ease with Technology

Do you have more than the absolute minimum knowledge about applicable technology? Do you have any “extra” to bring to the table in addition to knowing the platforms and tools needed for the position.

EIGHT: Self-Management

You have to be able to perform effectively and efficiently, without direct supervision and guidance. This will make you a valuable asset for any company, so if you have this trait of self-monitoring and self-starting, use the interview time to share your experience with managing scenarios, tasks, and projects with little or no supervision. Companies look for self-drive when hiring.

NINE: Compatibility for both Team and Independent Work

The best candidates for a job in the financial sector will be able to move from acting as valuable members of a team to working independently on tasks. If you can work in a variety of work styles, show these styles throughout the hiring process.

TEN: Intellectual Curiosity

Those who want to develop themselves in each position they take on make great financial candidates. If you have a drive for advancement and continued learning, employers will notice. Show off your passion for learning in your cover letter and CV, and seek out companies who also share this passion.

It’s not likely that you will have all of these traits, but even displaying a few of them will make a a better-quality hire than someone who has none.

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