How to Choose the Right Office Photocopier: 5 Essential Features

By Jackson James - 2017-03-05

It’s a necessity that every office and business needs. Whether it’s a home office, small business, or large corporation, companies cannot operate efficiently without a photocopying machine. Photocopiers come in different sizes and can perform many useful functions. Before you rush out to buy a new copier, i

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Your Options for Sensitive Document Disposal

By - 2017-03-27

Every business has documents that they will eventually need to dispose of, but some papers are easier to eliminate than others. Documentation containing details like credit cards, social security numbers, addresses, banking or medical information, and so on, can all compromise the privacy of customers and clients if no

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Service Scheduling Software: How to Become More Productive

By Stuart Jackson - 2017-02-14

If you are constantly looking for new ways to improve your field service business, you might have already heard about the benefits of using a service scheduling software. Such a software can help you manage the work schedule of your technicians, but it can do much more to improve your overall performance.Here are just

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A Guide to Fireplaces: 6 Tips

By Eric Harvey - 2017-06-08

Fireplaces can instantly become the centerpiece of any room, while adding warmth and style to a home. A beautiful and reliable fireplace can even help you save money on your heating bills, while increasing the value of your home.There are many types and styles of fireplaces to choose from, and you should start by findi

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5 Tips for Buying Restaurant Equipment When Starting Out

By Rhonda Leigh - 2017-02-04

It is reported that most new restaurants die out within two to five years. That won't be you!As any seasoned restaurateur can attest to, the biggest expense that any restaurant starting out will incur is actually purchasing restaurant equipment. Whether it is brand new or used restaurant equipment, you can be ready to

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How to Add Credit Card Processing to Your Business

By Carol Winter - 2017-02-01

Billions of dollars worth of credit, debit and prepaid card transactions occur every year.It is more important than ever before for every single business to be able to process credit cards. Whether you're a brick-and-mortar retailer or an online startup, you must have the ability to process all types of credit cards an

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How to Recycle in Small Spaces

By Clarence Days - 2017-01-26

It’s hard to recycle when you live in a tiny home. If you save your recyclables inside until garbage day, your place will start to look like a dump. While your friends in larger houses have great recycling stations, people in smaller spaces have to get a bit creative for ideas that will fit. Here are some clutter

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How to Destroy Documents Safely in Your Office

By Stuart Jackson - 2017-01-20

No matter what type of business you are running, or how many employees you have, protecting your sensitive information from identity thieves makes sense. Even if you think the documents you are throwing in your recycling bin don’t contain any confidential information, they could still harm your business or your c

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Choosing the Right Cleaning Products for Your Office: A Guide

By Rhonda Leigh - 2017-07-13

There are many advantages to keeping your office clean. Your workplace will look better and smell better, and your employees will be happier, healthier, and more productive. When you know that performing a few cleaning tasks will only take you a few minutes everyday, and that it’s possible to hire an office clean

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A Homeowner's Guide to Efficient Home Automation

By Jackson James - 2017-01-06

If you have heard the term home automation, and you are now interested in learning more, here is your chance. Home automation, which includes both very  simple tasks and really complex ones, is a way to make your life simpler by making your home smarter.Here is how you can get started with home automation, even if

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10 Must-Have Traits Of Finance Candidates

By Hannah Davies - 2016-12-24

Traditionally, job seekers focused mostly on their educational background, professional experiences, and hard skills. These days, though, you also need to have certain traits if you want to find work in the finance market. No company is the same as the next, so recruiters are increasingly turning to personality tests i

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What Is Recruitment Marketing?

By Hannah Davies - 2016-12-20

Recruitment Marketing is all of the tactics that a talent acquisition team uses to attract, find, nurture, and engage leads in order to convert them into more qualified applicants for present and future jobs. Tactics used might include email nurturing, SEO, talent networks, content marketing, social recruiting, mobile

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5 Tips for Recycling Your Electronics in 2017

By Jackson James - 2016-12-15

Your New Year's resolution is to start recycling all of your computers, tablets and rotary phones. Although it is far more likely to happen than taking advantage of your gym membership for the entire year, recycling your electronics can be a lot easier said than done because we just have so much equipment in our home.O

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Industrial Filter Systems: A Guide for Investments

By Russ Brandon - 2016-12-04

As you seek out the right industrial filtration system for your needs, you will come to one conclusion: there are many options available in the open market. When you're a novice in this field, you begin to wonder: what industrial filtration system do you need or buy in the end?The ultimate goals for the best industrial

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Sustainable Flexography: A Guide to Help You Get Started

By Boris Kelsey - 2016-11-24

The definition of sustainability is to meet the needs of now without compromising the needs of the future. To be sustainable, one has to think about the impacts on people, the planet, and profit. Flexographic printing has been working at being sustainable for almost 20 years. Improved printing systems, techniques, and

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10 Common Self-Priming Pump Issues

By Russ Brandon - 2016-11-16

Most centrifugal pump issues happen on the suction side of the pump. Read on to learn about the 10 most common self-priming pump problems.1It needs to be primed before its first operation. Yes, it’s called a self-priming pump but it has to be primed before you use it for the first time. There’s a priming ch

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5 Things Your Attorney Will Tell You NOT To Do Before Your Divorce

By Diana Wong - 2016-11-08

Did you know that marriage is the primary cause for divorce? With that joke out of the way, let's get down to one serious matter: the stress, anxiety and headaches that come with a divorce.In Canada, tens of thousands of couples file for divorce every single year. This is due to a wide variety of reasons that include e

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5 Tips for Maximum Digital Form Optimization

By Stuart Jackson - 2016-10-21

Digital forms have become a vital tool for all kinds of businesses. The forms you find on websites are essential for companies looking to build their email subscription lists, generate important leads or to increase their social media following. Online forms are key.Unfortunately, some businesses completely miss the bo

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5 Winning In-Store Display Tips for the Holiday Season

By Damian Troy - 2016-10-12

Don't look at your calendar now, but the holiday season is upon us. It may have seemed just like yesterday you were sporting your beach outfit to the office. Soon, Santa Claus will be in your face every waking moment of your day.The holiday season is a crucial time for retailers. It's the busiest time for stores, both

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11 Online Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents

By Hannah Davies - 2016-10-01

As a real estate agent, your website or blog is the base for all of your digital marketing ideas. Your website will be essential when it comes to helping drive sales, gaining brand visibility, and acquiring prospects. Here are some favoured ideas for strategies likely to have a strong impact for your business. Get an o

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5 Financial Tips When Applying for a Long-Term Loan

By Carol Winter - 2016-09-26

In today's economy, many households are living paycheque to paycheque and have to come to grips with the rising cost of living, whether it's the rent, food or gasoline. Oftentimes, their incomes are not enough to sustain their simple lifestyles and balance their personal finances.This is why numerous Canadian consumers

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5 Content Management Tips for Enterprises

By Clarence Days - 2016-09-08

Businesses of all sizes – large, medium, small or startups - need to lay down the groundwork, mull over strategies and prioritize before you can dive headfirst into a content management initiative. If you don't then your aim of streamlining operations won't work out well in the end.All businesses have their own n

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Commercial Real Estate: 5 Tips for Investments

By Samuel Thompson - 2016-09-06

Canada's real estate market has mostly attracted attention due to the skyrocketing values of residential properties. Whenever you read the newspapers or watch television news segments, all of the attention is concentrated on how detached homes in Toronto or Vancouver are worth around $800,000. It's quite rare to come a

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How to Win A Slip and Fall Claim in 6 Steps

By Anna Carter - 2016-09-04

A slip and fall accident can left you injured and without a job. It’s possible to receive a compensation for your pain and suffering and for your medical expenses, but winning a slip and fall claim is not always as easy as it might sound.Slip and fall lawyers specialize in this type of accidents, and can represen

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Canadian Real Estate Agents: A Comprehensive Guide

By Hannah Davies - 2016-09-01

According to The Globe and Mail, Canadian housing prices climbed nearly two in August once again.In today's hot Canadian real estate market, you want to either maximize the price-tag for your home or you want to get in on a bidding war in the neighbourhood of your choice. With so many families wanting to get in on the

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What Are The Benefits of Buying From Car Dealerships?

By Eric Harvey - 2016-08-25

If you’re looking to buy a car, you’ve likely realized by now that you have pretty much two options when it comes to where you can buy a car. You’ve got private sellers and you have dealers. If there’s a car auction in your area, that might be a third option. Here are the benefits of buying from

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7 Signs When You May Need A New Roof

By Boris Kelsey - 2016-08-24

Do you know what to look for when it’s time to repair or replace your roof? It can be hard to tell, especially for new homeowners or people who have zero roofing experience. It actually isn’t that difficult to tell, if you know the signs. If you have any concerns you can always call a professional for a quo

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Crucial Fire Safety Tips for Work and Home

By Jackson James - 2016-08-22

Regardless of the type of business that you carry out at your workplace, fire safety should always be a primary concern. The same goes for when you are at home. Some simple prevention and safety tips can help prevent fires and keep you safe in the event that you do have a fire. In a house fire, did you know that you ma

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Currency Exchange: 6 Tips Before Your Next Travel

By Naomi Marcus - 2016-08-17

If you are planning a trip abroad, or to the United States, currency exchange should be somewhere at the top of your to-do list. There are different ways to exchange currency, either before you leave or once you reach your destination.If you are hoping to make the most of your money, here is how you can exchange curren

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How to Save for a Down Payment in the Hot Toronto Real Estate Market

By Joan Crow - 2016-08-08

In order to save for a down payment in the very hot Toronto real estate market, it would look like you'd have to eat Spam for the entire year, work double shifts all week and live in your parents' basement. At least, this is what it looks like to first-time homebuyers in today's market.With the average home price in To

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How to Eat Healthy When Visiting a Deli

By Rhonda Leigh - 2016-08-10

Visiting a deli is one of the most scrumptious times you will ever have. Everything from corned beef on marble rye to hot pastrami on multi-grain bread, your tastebuds will be invigorated as soon as you sit down in a delicatessen. There are just so many options, tastes and smells!But what happens if you're on a strict

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How to Make Your Car Last Forever (Or At Least 400,000 km)

By Rudy Build - 2016-08-10

The primary objective for any new car owner is to make the vehicle last forever. Or, if not forever, then at least for 400,000 kilometres and beyond! Is it possible to achieve? Yes.Buying a brand new car – whether it's a sports car, sedan or minivan – is your second-biggest investment decision you'll ever m

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5 Tips Before Buying A Central Air Conditioning Unit

By Rodney Duncan - 2016-07-29

As human being there are a number of ways that we relate to one another, and even more ways that we are different. One shared theme we can all agree to however is the fact that we all strive to live in comfort. This can touch base on a number of different factors that impact our lives, but the topic for this discussion

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Car Review: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vs. Ford Transit

By Sophia Bill - 2016-07-25

 When it comes down to commercial vehicles, work vans in particular, there are two that stand out: the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Ford Transit. They both have outstanding features, but which one deserves the number-one spot? Up FrontCab comfort is becoming more of a focus for van buyers, and both score well. F

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Windows 7: Five Tips Every User Should Know

By Fred Carter - 2016-07-26

Windows 7 has been out since 2009, so users have had plenty of time to discover tips and tricks that can make things easier. Some are obvious while some are not, so have a read through this post and see if there are any you didn’t already know. Tip #1:Get back some common Windows apps by downloading Windows

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How To Prevent Clogged Drains

By Russ Brandon - 2016-07-20

  If you live in a house with plumbing, you’ve probably experienced some sort of clogged drain at one time or another. The worst part is that they seem to clog at the least convenient time, if there even is such a thing. While it might not be possible for you to stop every clog, there are things you can

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Shipping Companies in Canada: A Guide

By Damian Troy - 2016-07-22

Whether you are the owner of a small business or a large one, choosing the best shipping option for your products will have a big impact on your business strategy. There are many shipping carriers out there, and you don’t have the time to search for the best rates each time you need to manage a shipment.Here are

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6 Helpful Tips to Maintain Data Quality

By Stuart Jackson - 2016-07-16

 Data quality is vital to any business. Unfortunately, many business owners only think about data quality and data testing when they need to upgrade their systems or to implement new ones, or when something goes wrong.Here is how you can prevent data related problems by maintaining the data quality of your busines

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5 Ways to Find A Good Jewellery Appraiser

By Ruby Sparks - 2016-07-12

There are different reasons why someone might want to get their jewellery appraised. They might want to pawn or sell their unwanted jewellery, or to purchase insurance for a fine and expensive piece of jewellery.If you are in need of  a jewellery appraisal, follow these tips to make sure you are choosing a good je

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How to Choose A New IT Service Management Software

By Xavier Smith - 2016-07-18

 Whether you are in need of IT service management tools for a brand new business, or your business needs to find a better option, it’s important to take some time to find the right IT service management software. Making the wrong choice could make you lose some precious time and money.Here are a few tips to

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A Guide to Creating Photo ID Cards for Your Small Business

By Christie Stable - 2016-07-13

Giving photo ID cards to your employees can help create a more secure atmosphere in your workplace, monitor the attendance of your employees, and keep a record of their information. If, like many small business owners, you would like to create your own photo ID cards, here are some tips to help you.1. Choose your photo

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6 Tips for Employers When Workforce Wants to Form a Labour Union

By Diego Ames - 2016-07-18

According to the Government of Canada, approximately one-third of all Canadian workers are covered by a labour union. Whether it's in the public or private sector, there is a growing movement, or at least rising support, for more workforces to unionize in the face of globalization, outsourcing and tepid wage growth.The

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5 Effective Debt Relief Tips When You're Drowning in the Red

By Joel Morris - 2016-07-03

Not only are provinces and municipalities racking up unsustainable debts, Canadian consumers and households are as well. And the latter is something that has been warned about for years.According to data from Statistics Canada, the debt-to-disposable income ratio was 165.3 percent in the first quarter of 2016. This mea

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